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We provide wide range of services tailored to your needs

CCTV Video Surveillance

Professional camera installation and repair with best quality on the market. Instant access to your cameras from any place in the world with internet connection. We are here to provide an optimal solution tailored to your needs regardless of the size of the project.

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Burglar Alarm

Design, installation, repair, upgrade and maintenance of any type of burglar alarm – motion, door position , acoustic glass break, water leak, heat and other sensors, including  remote alarm  monitoring services.

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Access Control

Design, installation, repair, upgrade and maintenance of any type of access control systems – fob reader (RF) phone reader (Bluetooth or NFC), fingerprint, palm or face recognition. Ability to control your system from a local or remotely located PC.

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Installation, repair, upgrade and maintenance of any type of intercom systems – analog and IP, audio and video, door bells.

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Automatic Gate openers

Installation, repair, upgrade and maintenance of any type of Automatic Gate openers – for swing, overhead and sliding gates. Ability to connect your automatic gate to any access control system, open it remotely by phone, clicker or RF tag.

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Local Network

Design, installation, repair, upgrade and maintenance of any type of local network systems – UTP CAT.6 or CAT.5, fiber optic.

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Industries we serve

No project is too big or small for us

Houses, appartments


Shops, pharmacies, restaurants, hair salons, bars etc.


Industrial & high end residential properties, pre-construction



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Trusted installation services

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Various access methods

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Full range service

System 64

Who we are

For over 15 years, we provide our customers with the cutting edge of security system technologies ensuring first class service and individual approach for each customer. We handle projects of any scale and complexity. Our services include: professional installation, repair, upgrade and maintenance of: CCTV (Video surveillance), Access Control, Burglar alarm, Local Network, Intercom, Automatic Gate openers, Low Voltage. Contact us today for the fast, affordable, turn-key and versatile services. We handle any of low voltage areas.

Real Testimonials

Don’t just take our words for it. Our clients are our biggest supporters. Would you like to know what they think about us?

Кирилл Каримов
After a previous team botched the repair job, I was cautious in selecting a new company to fix my automatic garage gate. Luckily, I found System64, and I couldn't be more pleased with the results. They expertly fixed everything the previous team had broken, and my gate opener now performing better than ever. I highly recommend System64 for their professionalism and outstanding service. Thanks!
Катюша Сурнина
The staff is friendly, and they offer prompt service and fair pricing for excellent work
Rada Donskaia
The technicians were professional and considerate, completing a fantastic job! They managed to install a full set of cameras in just one day, showing great respect for my time and expertise in their work.
Mykola Yatsenko
The access control works flawlessly! No issues so far compared to previous system. I do recommend this company!
Arina Severgina
The smart home system I had installed has truly elevated my living experience. From seamless integration of devices to intuitive controls through a centralized hub, it has added convenience and efficiency to my daily routine. The installation team was skilled, ensuring every component worked harmoniously. Managing lights, security, and climate through a single interface is not only futuristic but also enhances energy efficiency. I highly recommend a smart home setup for those seeking modern, connected living.
Nik Whale
Thanks for the great work! All the cameras work properly. Installed very carefully, very gentle work.
Vadim Ryzhkin
Very good company! professional team, work quickly and efficiently! I really liked the approach to work and the warranty conditions, especially the extended warranty! We signed a red service contract and have never regretted it! I recommend!
I'm thrilled with the speed and efficiency of the services provided by System 64. They responded immediately and were able to do the installation on the next day! Also the prices are super fair and the installation was done very professionally and super fast. I recommend them to anyone who's looking for professional installation of the security cameras. Thank you!
I have worked with System64 for a while. They took care of everything around my business in Florida (security cameras, access control systems, and so on). I would recommend them to anyone looking for an affordable and reliable company. Because I tried to work with other companies and this is the best so far. I'm happy I've found them!
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